Friday, May 27, 2011

walking machine! cardigan for my grandaughter.

I received an unusual delivery the other day.
This truck pulled up outside and unpacked a walking machine, my husband had mentioned hiring a walking machine but I just laughed at him! I directed them to our spare bedroom that happens to be the farthest room from the back door & the most difficult to manoeuvre any thing into On the way past the kitchen table{ littered with McDonald's wrappers{ not mine! of course!} the delivery man asked me" how long did I want it for?" I gather they must have a quick turn around on exercise machines. I'm actually using it! I'm trying to better my time each day by staying on longer and  at a faster pace, we will see how long it lasts.
I have finished knitting another cardigan for my granddaughter, I had lost the pattern when I was near the end, so I winged it as far as I could, then added crochet to finish off, the wool was a combination of left overs from a rug her mum made.
we are still waiting for our grand baby to arrive, he is now 7 days overdue! {my 3 babies were all 2 weeks over due.

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