Saturday, November 26, 2011

3rd page for today!

This is my entry for "scrap jacked" the page I have jacked was made by Julie, the pic I chose is of my eldest daughter before her wedding.

2nd scrap page, for today!

This scrap page of my eldest daughter, very pregnant and looking beautiful with her second baby, was done for the site "stuck" this page was a sketch page. I have never used sketches up until a month ago when I decided to enter some online competitions.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Zac 11days old

Our lovely little grandson Zac wearing a knitted outfit I made for him. He is usually awake and looking for a feed, but while he was asleep I took the opportunity to get some nice pics of him, he sleeps with his hands over his face, so I had to be quick to snap him, before his hands covered his face again.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

No more McDonalds!

We have three McDonald's outlets here where we live, one that we rarely go to, we went last Friday afternoon, as per her routine my youngest walks in to the cafe & I go to the drive through. I ordered a burger from the board in front of me, the girl tells me they don't sell that burger anymore, O.K! I order something else, asking is there fries with that! as my daughter only eats the fries, I'm sent to waiting bay {visions of my last visit to waiting bay same McDonald's to.} My daughter comes out with her frappe thingy, she only has one type and that's not it! there is going to be a meltdown I can feel it! she of course won't go and change it, we drive away and opening my now delivered food bag discover no fries!! OOOHHH NO, no fries and the wrong drink. not that big a drama to most people, but it is for my daughter. I drove to one of the other McDonald's and got what we wanted. How can they get it so wrong every time?

Friday, May 27, 2011

walking machine! cardigan for my grandaughter.

I received an unusual delivery the other day.
This truck pulled up outside and unpacked a walking machine, my husband had mentioned hiring a walking machine but I just laughed at him! I directed them to our spare bedroom that happens to be the farthest room from the back door & the most difficult to manoeuvre any thing into On the way past the kitchen table{ littered with McDonald's wrappers{ not mine! of course!} the delivery man asked me" how long did I want it for?" I gather they must have a quick turn around on exercise machines. I'm actually using it! I'm trying to better my time each day by staying on longer and  at a faster pace, we will see how long it lasts.
I have finished knitting another cardigan for my granddaughter, I had lost the pattern when I was near the end, so I winged it as far as I could, then added crochet to finish off, the wool was a combination of left overs from a rug her mum made.
we are still waiting for our grand baby to arrive, he is now 7 days overdue! {my 3 babies were all 2 weeks over due.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

master bedroom


                                                                   the main bedroom
                                                The gorgeous chandelier was already in place

I thought i would show some pics of my bedroom in the house we are now living in, the original room had glass windows and doors where the bedhead now stands we removed those and re-used some of them in the lounge room. The entry to the room were a pair of double glass sliders { that were hanging on by a nail! and also covered the light switch!} we replaced them with a cavity slider. We added a mirror fronted wardrobe, knocked through the wall to gain entry to what is now the en suite, luckily the floor where great, and the room had decorative cornices on the high ceilings, we painted  all the rooms in the house the same colour as it  is a small house and too many colours would make it seem boxy.                                                      

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

more knitting

A little jacket & booties for my grandson, who will be born soon, he's due on the 20th, so any day now!             can't wait to meet him expecting loads of hair! during an ultrasound the staff where laughing about how much hair they could see, his big sister has an amazing head of ringlets.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

embarrssing my teenager

After picking up my teenager from school, we thought a quick trip to McDonald's was in order.
I pulled up at the drive-through realizing my purse was in the boot of the car, I jumped out searched through the junk, and grabbed it, I went to hop back in the car, handing over my credit card, the girl handed over the card machine so I stood there and pressed the buttons, of course it didn't work the first time, so after a few attempts,and a long line of cars behind me, it worked. I was then asked to wait in waiting bay, so I waited and waited and waited, realizing they must have forgotten me, I left the car in waiting bay, went inside to tell of my dilemma, the McDonald's girl {whom looked about 12 years old} couldn't deal with such an event, so called someone else who then called the manager{ who was maybe 16!} after much discussion with the driveway attendants who of course didn't remember me {hello! I was the lady standing at the drive through window!!!} A meal was handed over with lots of apologies, I got part way out of the store when the manager started chasing me, waving his hands, he handed me my money back!  I then drove my car out of waiting bay, teenager stating YOU ARE SO EMBARRASSING MUM!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers day

Inundated with flowers, hugs, kisses, taken out for a fancy meal!
Ahhhh no! not my mothers day,
wake up alone, hubby's gone to work, teenager asleep, I found a pot of tulips waiting for me from hubby, nice! he wanted to buy me a coffee maker, {because he likes coffee from a machine!}
teenager wakes up at lunch time, after a lot of prompting she handed me a jewellery bag, a pair of gold hoops {price tag still on}hoop earrings are nice, it's just that I have oodles of them, when ever I get a present from family I"m sure to get hoop earrings!
My eldest daughter and her daughter come over late in the afternoon,{ her husband got called away to work} my 2 year old granddaughter hands me a gift card after she opens it, and says "happy mothers day" she continued to say this to everyone as they arrived. My  middle daughter and boyfriend arrive she handed me a card and they start arguing because she didn't put the boyfriends name on it, she hands me a gift { also with the price tag still on}  telling me that if I don't like it she will keep it herself, it's a candle holder, it's not quiet to my taste, but of course I couldn't say anything. Son in law arrives, everyone decides they are hungry, it takes about 1/2 an hour of discussion {that sounds civilised!} to decide that I should go and get take away, my shout of course!
yes that was my mothers day! not much different to any other day except I got gifts.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

watch T.V

My middle daughter Danielle is a T.V star {she thinks so anyway!} she is in a advertisement for Challenge employment service, in the add it says she works for Coles, she works at BI-Lo, I guess it's owned by Coles same thing I suppose! If I was clever enough I would link it to to here, might get some help with that!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

busy knitting!

hello, this is my 1st post in my 1st blog.
I will write about things that happen in my every day life.
toddler boy  jumper and hat

cardigan for granddaughter
Ive been busy knitting little hats and booties for my unborn grandchild, I've got some pic's of a jumper I knitted out of scraps of multi-coloured wool, also a jumper and hat I made for a friends little boy.