Sunday, May 29, 2011

No more McDonalds!

We have three McDonald's outlets here where we live, one that we rarely go to, we went last Friday afternoon, as per her routine my youngest walks in to the cafe & I go to the drive through. I ordered a burger from the board in front of me, the girl tells me they don't sell that burger anymore, O.K! I order something else, asking is there fries with that! as my daughter only eats the fries, I'm sent to waiting bay {visions of my last visit to waiting bay same McDonald's to.} My daughter comes out with her frappe thingy, she only has one type and that's not it! there is going to be a meltdown I can feel it! she of course won't go and change it, we drive away and opening my now delivered food bag discover no fries!! OOOHHH NO, no fries and the wrong drink. not that big a drama to most people, but it is for my daughter. I drove to one of the other McDonald's and got what we wanted. How can they get it so wrong every time?

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