Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Help !!!

Hello ladies, I have not been on here for months now, for many reasons, mainly due to my computer dying, and myself and my family having medical problems, I developed double pneumonia and sepsis a day after being released from hospital after an operation, there is nothing like being told I would have died within a few hours if I had not been taken to hospital, those words did not register in my head until a few weeks later,  some of my other family members have also had huge scares this year also, you really do have to live your life to the fullest, because you do never know when your time is up!
Now back to my computer problems, my new computer does not have an easy photo editing program like the old one did, I have tried a few programs free off the internet but I cant work out how to save the photos and upload them to my blog, so Im asking for your help please! can someone give me the name of a very easy program to use, I do miss entering into online scrapbooking challenges.