Monday, August 27, 2012

tiny canvases

I made these little mixed media canvases, each canvas is 6 1/2cm square,I could not get a clear close-up photo, might have something to do with the glimmermist, they just looked blurry. Iam donating them to a charity auction called Harrisons little wings inc.

Kraft it up

  • Here is my entry for August at Kraft it up, this months competition was a sketch
I used photos of my grandson when he was a baby, when they start taking notice of their surroundings.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"DIET" a four letter word!

Towards the end of last month I decided to get healthy, I swapped over to everything being wholegrain/ organic, I have for the past few years I have eaten everything labelled low fat, lite 97% fat free, thinking I was doing the right thing, I was allways craving sugar and having headaches and feeling shaky if I hadn't eaten for a while, my insulin levels were all over the place even thou Im not diabetic and I might add, getting fatter & fatter! So that way of dieting wasn't doing me any good. So putting on my thinking cap and doing some research, realised that all those low fat foods are full of sugar! so no wonder my body was haywire!
I am not having foods with sugar in them, you need to read labels everything has sugar in it! so I have to do lots of cooking, Im a real sweet tooth, so I have been making muffins,cakes,etc using a product called agave, there are a few natural allternatives for sugar, I like agave it tastes like the real stuff! I have switched from anything white to wholegrain, Im trying different types of flours amd grains, all my low fat foods are now full fat eg- real butter, real cream, organic yogurt yum! It's hard to change the way you have eaten for years, not on the taste buds but in the brain! I was skeptical about the fad of not having sugar, but after not having it for a few days you don't miss it, eating healthy keeps you full and satisfied, after 4 days on my "diet!" 3 people commented on how I had lost weight! { they knew nothing about my food habits!} I felt lighter allready! All was great untill I got a few winter bugs that flared up my asthma, I have been in and out of bed for weeks,last visit to the Dr loaded me up with new meds, feeling better after just a few doses, having little appetite and no energy to cook has me grabbing anything I feel like to eat, and not allways the best choice! back to the healthy stuff when Im better!
Scrapbooking has taken a holiday while Im sick, hopefully I will get back to it soon,I have heaps to make, but no energy to do it.