Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers day

Inundated with flowers, hugs, kisses, taken out for a fancy meal!
Ahhhh no! not my mothers day,
wake up alone, hubby's gone to work, teenager asleep, I found a pot of tulips waiting for me from hubby, nice! he wanted to buy me a coffee maker, {because he likes coffee from a machine!}
teenager wakes up at lunch time, after a lot of prompting she handed me a jewellery bag, a pair of gold hoops {price tag still on}hoop earrings are nice, it's just that I have oodles of them, when ever I get a present from family I"m sure to get hoop earrings!
My eldest daughter and her daughter come over late in the afternoon,{ her husband got called away to work} my 2 year old granddaughter hands me a gift card after she opens it, and says "happy mothers day" she continued to say this to everyone as they arrived. My  middle daughter and boyfriend arrive she handed me a card and they start arguing because she didn't put the boyfriends name on it, she hands me a gift { also with the price tag still on}  telling me that if I don't like it she will keep it herself, it's a candle holder, it's not quiet to my taste, but of course I couldn't say anything. Son in law arrives, everyone decides they are hungry, it takes about 1/2 an hour of discussion {that sounds civilised!} to decide that I should go and get take away, my shout of course!
yes that was my mothers day! not much different to any other day except I got gifts.

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