Sunday, May 22, 2011

master bedroom


                                                                   the main bedroom
                                                The gorgeous chandelier was already in place

I thought i would show some pics of my bedroom in the house we are now living in, the original room had glass windows and doors where the bedhead now stands we removed those and re-used some of them in the lounge room. The entry to the room were a pair of double glass sliders { that were hanging on by a nail! and also covered the light switch!} we replaced them with a cavity slider. We added a mirror fronted wardrobe, knocked through the wall to gain entry to what is now the en suite, luckily the floor where great, and the room had decorative cornices on the high ceilings, we painted  all the rooms in the house the same colour as it  is a small house and too many colours would make it seem boxy.                                                      

                                 I don't have any before pics, here are some during and after.                                                

                                                       looking from en suite to bed          

                                                              looking from the bed to the en suite      

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