Saturday, May 14, 2011

embarrssing my teenager

After picking up my teenager from school, we thought a quick trip to McDonald's was in order.
I pulled up at the drive-through realizing my purse was in the boot of the car, I jumped out searched through the junk, and grabbed it, I went to hop back in the car, handing over my credit card, the girl handed over the card machine so I stood there and pressed the buttons, of course it didn't work the first time, so after a few attempts,and a long line of cars behind me, it worked. I was then asked to wait in waiting bay, so I waited and waited and waited, realizing they must have forgotten me, I left the car in waiting bay, went inside to tell of my dilemma, the McDonald's girl {whom looked about 12 years old} couldn't deal with such an event, so called someone else who then called the manager{ who was maybe 16!} after much discussion with the driveway attendants who of course didn't remember me {hello! I was the lady standing at the drive through window!!!} A meal was handed over with lots of apologies, I got part way out of the store when the manager started chasing me, waving his hands, he handed me my money back!  I then drove my car out of waiting bay, teenager stating YOU ARE SO EMBARRASSING MUM!!

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