Monday, January 2, 2012

1.1.2012 in review

I can't believe another year is over, Im a very slack blogger!
  I thought I would do a bit of an update on events of last year. A new addition to our family baby Zac, he is 7 months old now.

Our beautiful granddaughter turned 3, she had a few bouts of asthma needing hospitalisation, she has had grommets placed in her ears, that will hopefully stop the constant ear infections that leads to her asthma.

My youngest daughter turned 18, compleated year 12 in" Life Skills" with the formal being the highlight of her year, she is still only working 2 days a week, she has a lot more confidence since working with the public.
A big change for my husband this year will be a change of company's for his work, he will still be in the same job but with better conditions, again he will have to travel to and from work, I would like to move closer to his work so he dosen't have to travel so much, but not too far away from our girls and grand-kiddies.
We also had a surprize 80th birthday party for hubby's dad, that went off really well.

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