Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Im still here!

I have had a bit of a holiday from scrap booking, we have shuffled our house around and my scrap booking room has been moved to a tiny bedroom, it's not working, not enough storage and not enough room for cupboards, so I'm re-claiming my original spot at the back of the family room, after we have it plastered and a wall put in that is, so I'm still in my little room surrounded by boxes, I have been using up my excessive amounts of paper by making up kits and having a group of friends around every couple of weeks to give them a "class"  I do use that word loosely as I'm no teacher! but it's fun for all!
 I managed to make a couple of pages for online comps in April, but couldn't find the little card thingy that goes in the camera to take pics of them to enter them! my daughter brought me a new one and I'm rearing to scrap! so hopefully I will be back with some pics soon.

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