Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Super super busy moving!

we have had a home we live in and a rental property for a few years now, we had 3 houses going when I was working! {madness}  so we decided to sell them and buy a property to suit our current lifestyle, we sold our home we lived in in record time, as in the first open home! then moved into the rental property to maximise its selling potential! it also sold first open house, and the buyers wanted to move fast, so after a mad search for something to suit us, we brought our new house and sold 2 and moved 2 times in a matter of weeks. So we have been super busy, also during that time my eldest daughter and 2 kiddies lived with us as her hubby had transferred a million miles away for a new job and was finding them a new place to live.We have been in this house for 3 weeks now and our middle daughter has moved away, so now it's our youngest 20 year old daughter me and hubby who through all this managed to keep up with shift work.
needless to say no scrapbooking has been done for awhile, even thou I have had my room set up beautifully {I had no idea we would sell so fast!} but now that I have had some spare time and was missing scrapbooking so much I have managed to do a couple of challenges for October.

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