Monday, April 22, 2013

"Project Life" well sort of!

I love the idea of project life, and for anyone just starting out in married life, having babies or anyone who takes a zillion photos its a great idea. But for me being in my late 40's with kids aged in there 20's my  youngest turned 20 early April, {no more teenagers in the house}  still plenty of dramas though! anyway back on track, my point being I don't take many photos and those I do take are of my 2 beautiful grandchildren, so project life in the format it is, is not useful to me, I love scrapbooking 12x12's, but could never catch up or indeed use many of my old photos, old meaning any pics of my husband and I,and our children as babies, simply because they are to random and of poor quality and also faded, no such thing as preserving photos back then, many of mine where stuck in those magnetic albums, so many were even thrown away. yet I still want to keep these precious photos and display them in a scrapbooking type of way, SO! I had a brain wave, why not use the concept of project life and use my old photos!
I have a zillion scrapbooking supplies so I don't need to spend money there, I did buy some of the divided plastic sleeves, although I'm sure I can make my own to the sizes I need. I started last night by sorting photos into piles according to who was in the photo, and of course not many of them have dates on them, that will be a difficult task working that out! anyway this is my great plan, I will post some photos when I start!

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